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Support for I2P anonymous network ?
by PurpleFish on 2017/12/21 02:34:31 AM
In some countries, because of copyright laws, using old fashion P2P file sharing softwares is almost impossible (only freewares allowed).

Is it planed to support the I2P anonymous network ?

See also:

by BugMagnet on 2018/07/13 10:22:30 AM
The solution to government oppression is revolution.

An information sharing system with anonymity can be created, but a government can simply prohibit it.
Remember when some countries prohibited use of encryption? Seems some still do even to this day.

It all revolves around the concept of property. Who owns it and who controls it. That is a social construct. Hence it can be de-constructed.

We don't have to be slaves to property or landlords. We do have to UNLearn, to deprogram.

Another World is Possible.
Other WorldS are Possible.
One size doesn't fit all.

"We are not here to run high tech economic slave states and pretend that that's not what's going on."
- - John Trudell (Santee Dakota/Mexica - California State University - Hayward - 1994)

Ability to communicate privately is fundamental. and technology might help in that regards. I trust that the DEVteam behind the magic curtains thinks about this and has plans. I wish them good health and liberty to that end.

It will come.