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Open source? Other clients for fopnu protocol?

by Guest on 2018/02/23 12:25:26 AM    
Why is fopnu not open source?

Is the fopnu protocol open? Can we develop our own apps compatible with the fopnu protocol?
by Guest on 2018/03/02 06:45:06 PM    
There are no other clients using the proprietory Fopnu protocol at this time.

I too would like to see some information released in this area so the protocol can be examined and perhaps any implementational weaknesses highlighted and new feature support for the future explored but open sourcing will offer nothing of current benefit in my opinion.

The developer of Fopnu has traditionally kept all information on the various protocols he has designed and the src code used within his network creations to himself as is his choice and perogative, honestly I dont see anything changing at this time to alter that situation.
by Guest on 2024/02/26 08:55:25 PM    
The only good license for a P2P network is the GNU Affero GPL v3 or later. The reason is that with the AGPL, network use is redistribution, therefore we can sue copyright trolls for the source code. I would add right above the license, "This software is licensed under the GNU Affero GPL v3 or later, I intend the GNU Affero GPL v3 or later to be a contract as far as copyright licenses are concerned. No trademark rights are granted nor do I intend to grant any trademark rights. The Fopnu name may only be used for Fopnu compatible software only and you may not use the my name, the name of Tixati Software nor the names of its contributors and dependenices to endorse your software without prior written permission. If the GNU Affero GPL v3 or later is not included with this software, you may get a copy at https://www.gnu.org/licenses/  ." That is my honest recommendation and the GNU Affero GPL v3 or later explicitly allows declining to grant trademark rights along with disallowing the use of the names of the author and contributors to endorse your product or service without written permission.

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