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Can we access Fopnu network without channels?
by Dan911 on 2018/04/08 05:29:36 PM
The idea of channels may be a way to create some order and avoid overloading the network,
but I believe the Magnetico way is simpler: A single index table only.

It can be divided by categories (audio, video, etc), OSs (windows, linux, etc), and use tags.

Letting the users create their own channels is a democratic idea but leaves room for redundancy and fragmentation.
Asides resembling IRC, I'm not a real fan of publicizing data in groups, but rather in one global database.

by Guest on 2018/04/24 01:00:30 PM
you do not need to be in any channels to access the files others are sharing on the fopnu network.

the channels are more for socializing.