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Italians here???

by Snoop on 2019/05/18 06:03:14 PM    
Hi all the forum members I am an old user of the expensive winmx now I switched to fopnu I installed it on my old laptop with XP I'm looking for other Italian users to share files and create a community on fopnu. Thank you!

Ciao a tutti i membri del forum sono un vecchio utente del caro winmx ora sono passato a fopnu l'ho installato su un mio vecchio portatile con XP sto cercando altri utenti italiani per condividere file e creare una community su fopnu. Grazie!
by Guest on 2019/05/24 02:04:13 AM    
Expensive WinMX ???

I think something has been lost in translation there Snoop : ))

A good way to gather fellow Italian users would be to open a chat channel, unlike the winmx style chat channel you dont have to be operating it 24/7 yourself,just an idea.  

Ciao : )
by SimoSaraMia on 2019/06/08 03:23:45 PM    
Hi snoop. I am an Italian user and I was born in fopnu (I had also created Italian zone) then I gave up. It's nice to know that there is someone interested in what I had in mind, so super favorable (I see it hard to involve people anyway).

Ciao snoop. Sono un utente italiano e sono dalla nascita in fopnu (avevo pure creato Italian zone) poi ho rinunciato. È bello sapere che c'è qualcuno interessato a ciò che avevo in mente, quindi super favorevole (la vedo dura coinvolgere le persone comunque).
by Guest on 2021/03/15 01:49:09 AM    
Ciao, anche io italiano!

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