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by Old Timer on 2017/08/17 01:51:37 AM    
Just downloaded fopnu, and have listed several old type music. Hoping this P to P program turns out to be as good or better than the old WinMX used to be. Any help on navigating would be of great help. Thank You
by Bungdunk Hamsterfelch on 2017/08/23 11:43:52 PM    
Is it better than winmx or the same with updated format? Is the chat list the same as winmx? What does fopun mean?
by Loops on 2017/08/27 01:23:16 PM    
The chat listing mechanism is not the same as that used in WinMX but offers the same style of chatting and a key new feature, the ability to have a "virtual chatroom" where no one needs to host it, this means that when the chat room initiator has to go offline for any reason the room will stay up for all the other users, this is great for those whom wish to operate a chat room but dont always have a decent internet connection.

Some have suggested that the term "For Old Peer Network Users" is what the acronym stands for but thats just guesswork.
by Guest on 2017/08/29 10:18:45 AM    
For Old Peers Network Users
but writed in lowercase, so all the letters are rounded (fopnu)

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