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Client Hanging

by Guest on 2019/08/08 02:11:18 AM    
Has anyone recently experienced the Fopnu Client hanging and continually re starting?

I am using Ver 1.34 and out of the blue it has just started to freeze on and off?
by Guest on 2019/09/15 11:22:31 AM    
Grab the newest version Guest

1.36 is out and ready to go : )
by Guest on 2019/09/17 10:45:54 PM    
...... Make that 1.37

No time wasted here folks.
by Guest on 2019/09/30 02:41:04 PM    
v1.39 is out.

OP-> what OS? are you still having this problem?
by Guest on 2020/01/14 09:27:22 AM    
V1.42 now are you still having the problem?

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