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How Can We Help FOPNU Grow ?
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by Guest on 2020/03/04 09:37:25 PM    
I have been watching the forum for some time now and its sparsely busy.
As FOPNU users we dont of course count forum posts to see how the network is doing but we can use it as a measure of how popular the software is at any given time simply by looking at how many cries for help are posted, we can help increase such traffic and interest by actually talking about the software in places where it might find some interest.

The developers here have shown their commitment and we need to reciprocate and show ours, if we always put off helping the network and expect others to do all the work we are in effect cutting off our own fingers, the result of such inactivity is reduced chat room users, less file counts, types and interest focus, who loses from that scenario besides ourselves ?

We need to do our part fellow network users, a few minutes letting folks know about FOPNU is time well spent, its an investment in your own interest and an increased  userbase is the dividend, I assume that as FOPNU users most of you are pretty P2P savvy and know a decent bit of "kit" when you seen it, share that knowledge, tell friends , mention it on facebook, in passing on forums,  in fact any opportunity that presents itself.

Part of the being free to you/me the end user is that theres no advertising, no malware etc and in return for zero outlay we get everything, I dont feel this is a fair model and is disrespectful to the developers, we can remedy this by either donating something or ensuring the network is a roaring success.
Both of those avenues ensure the developer is able to sit back, feel respected, and not have to go down roads other p2p networks headed down,  do I need go on ?

My apologies to the staff here if this post causes offence, I am simply a very happy FOPNU user who feels a better future is ours for the taking and wish to point some of the silent majority who visit here towards the goal posts.
by Guest on 2020/03/05 09:31:53 AM    
Just checking youtube and found this, what about someone who has time try to increase the number of such resources?

by Guest on 2020/03/07 11:26:01 AM    
Another area you can all help with is to enlarge the support material here


The help/support section is wiki style and so you can edit it and add helpful information for new users, as nearly all of the folks reading this are using FOPNU it makes sense they might know the best way to get others the help they need and what all the controls do etc.

If we can all do a small segment or spare 10 minutes each the whole thing could be finished rapido.

Click on the "Support" button above to see where your help is needed, cheers guys : )
by Guest on 2020/03/15 03:06:34 PM    
I was just reading the entry for FOPNU on the wikipedia, it doesnt even have its own page but a link connecting it to TIXATI.

I think its about time the information found on the TIXATI page was transplanted to the FOPNU main page after all FOPNU is not a bit torrent client and its developement is mature enough to warrant its own entry and then this allows its inclusion in other wiki entries (p2p network types etc).

Anyone up for 30 minutes of work there ?

I am not sure how many of you read theses forum posts but for your own reference I have had many years of experience working on publicity and web based group activities, all of those start with a core group of interested people and those folks lay the groundwork for the others yet to arrive.

When I started this topic I was hoping that its not just me who wants the network to reach its full potential, I want you all to take a hand in building on the developers solid foundations, this means essentially that I want some of your free time to undertake the incremental small changes we need to continue growing the userbase, please dont be shy or lazy, your help is very important and when all the small tasks are completed we can look towards bigger events and larger platforms.

Theres little point in rounding up thousands of new users if we are not ready to deliver even the basic help to them in the Support section here as well as deliver innovative routes or threads of information set up to guide people here.

Your help is requested, your participation is desired, your satisfaction is already guaranteed.
by Guest on 2020/04/19 11:44:39 AM    
I hope you will all notice a new version out today (1.47), the developers are doing their share of the work, the rest of us seem less active.

Theres no carrot and stick on show here but I do ask for you to think about the future and what is necessary to enlarge the network, it wont grow without publicity and that comes from all of us firstly enjoying this software and then telling everyone and his dog about it.
If you can all undertake some sort of activity large of small we will grow and grow, please spend a few minutes thinking about this as without your help we may not have a future, also....if your feeling generous spare some of your joy by giving something to the good folks here, the "donate" button at the top will ensure while we are waiting for the network to expand exponentially the developers can enjoy the jounrney also.

Cheers folks and Cheers FOPNU Dev team : )))
by Guest on 2020/04/19 05:05:41 PM    
More privacy minded folk like me may get interested if this was libre software.(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_software  ) Especially as this has a linux native version. I would have checked it out if it was. It must be open to gain any real traction.
by Guest on 2020/04/20 07:50:00 PM    
Hi Guest.

How would your interest be expanded by the release of src code for this software ?

Will it become safer in anyway ?

I propose that to release the src code would effectively be handing the security and safety of the network to unknown entities, they may have no interest in what regular users wish to do, they by dint of their disassociation with any of the developement have both no responsibility of support nor good name to lose.

I put it to you that should the network security suffer this would lead to less interest from the userbase and less interest from the actual original developer.

A labour of love means this program exists and is updated regularly along the lines requested by us the userbase, do you think the developer will stay interested in having to build added security layers and further network limitations following an initial series of attacks made possible by knowledge gained from the developers work ?

I support open src and those who release their src for me to learn from gain my utmost respect but in some cases such freedom hinders developement simply because of the competing demands placed upon original developers and those whom like myself marvel at decent code but are never going to be as good.

If a developer of original code is building a strong and solid internet based network prefaced on the friendly sharing of ideas, knowledge, experiences and some files that support all of those more wordly endeavours who really should ask that such generosity be answered by asking for a major share of their dream, all is good, the software works , the users are happy, let those that have earned the right decide what they wish to do with their own software, the rest of us remain grateful.

I completely understand that you have perhaps other goals and wishes that do not match those I have outlined, it really does bring something to the table when folks ae able to discuss matters as human beings and treat each other with respect so thank you on both scores Guest.
by Guest on 2020/05/26 02:24:09 PM    
I would like the developer here to assist us with this task.

This morning I came to an annoying realisation, we need to grab chatters from the mobile phone utilising market segment, in essence we need a chat version of Fopnu to draw in those folks and build a platform able to compete with the biggest names.

I dont believe it would be reasonable to recreate the whole program for a mobile but if we can harness the global crowd/public appetite for unmonitored & uncensored conversation I believe this could be a solid stepping stone to network growth, Fopnu chat in java or in C/C++ using the Android Native Development Kit (NDK) seems the way ahead if this path is deemed viable.

I truly feel this is a viable route to network expansion and can reutilise the existing codebase in some fashion, in short theres little to lose and something to gain.
by Guest on 2020/06/19 06:33:49 PM    
A good idea would be to make a Wikipedia article or add it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_file-sharing_applications

What's the aproximate size of fopny p2p network?
by Guest on 2020/06/22 01:44:04 AM    
I tried the wikipedia idea, some "editor" removed all of the updates and direct links to here that I added and I am not willing to engage in a war with such drones, my time is more productively spent.

The entity who undid the new Fopnu entry in wikipedia was some guy from India, he sent me a lot of those mindless pre-formatted messages wikipedia are famous for suggesting fopnu is not fopnu but tixati, the difference was lost on this guy who was obviously too lazy to check anything and worse the changes I made where also hidden by wikipedia as I wasnt a registered editor, so much for "anyone can edit the wiki", thats simply not true.

Others might have more luck.
by Guest on 2020/06/22 09:07:47 PM    
I managed to edit the comparison of p2p software. I hope they don't reverse it.

Someone should try to edit a main page, for the moment Fopnu only appears in Tixati's page.
by Guest on 2020/06/30 09:25:25 AM    
Well done Guest, that is great progress.
If we can build on that slowly but surely then things will improve a lot in terms of network visibility.

I think its about time we also created a few memes or funny images with the network name dropped in there somewhere that can spread across other platforms, we all enjoy a bit of comedy and something positive and perhaps cryptic will lure in the types of sharing folks we need.

Also some folks might not know of such places as pastebin etc and how they are sometimes indexed by search engines, a few cryptic text messages or funny images spread non aggressively in public spaces can be designed that mention Fopnu, folks always enjoy a mystery online, a campaign of whispers and faux secrecy will achieve the best results.
by Guest on 2020/07/02 02:57:30 PM    
I saw somebody also added Fopnu into the french p2p comparison wikipedia article. It's in 3 articles then: English, Spanish and French. Somebody should make a full wikipedia article about Fopnu, I have no knowledge on how to do that. If you said that they delete it, the idea should be to just expand Fopnu's section in Tixati's article, although that's not the best approach (Tixati's article seems a bit outdated btw)
by Guest on 2020/07/04 03:37:48 AM    
I believe the problem of the deletion was two-fold, the primary reason was I suspect to do with me not being a registered editor and the second was just bad luck at coming across an unhelpful one.

See here for my final word on the topic to the editor.

The progress thats been made is great, if anyone else wants to have a go at editing the wiki feel free but to ensure the maximum measure of success it would help if your a wiki editor with an account, it's not been necessary before but times change and so has wikipedia.

Check the March edit of Tixati for the Fopnu removed version.
I cant find the new topic I created but I am sure theres a nice button somewhere to add a new entry. The idea is to borrow 90% of the Fopnu entry from its current position and that forms the basis of the new entry, once its in place I can most certainly edit it if necessary but I feel sure as an unregistered editor I wont be allowed to create a topic. It will be necessary to update the version number etc.

We can add some smaller details here
Add the Fopnu Protocol to the table "Protocols used by only one application"

I am sure if enough users work like ants to create a swathe of interlocking edits the whole will be the sum of its parts and the project successful
by Guest on 2020/07/04 08:08:01 PM    
I added fopnu here:

Added C++ to fopnu's programming language here:

I also saw that someone added Fopnu to "the box" of "Peer-to-peer file sharing" that is at the bottom of the site.

Should it fit into this category too? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darknet
by Guest on 2020/07/05 05:58:59 AM    
This is the key wiki entry to be tweaked


If we can resolve this one, we have won the battle, my thanks to those helping out behind the scenes : ))

This contains the deleted entry info

the only important part of the wiki entry really is to ensure it has at least 2 sources as references which it does, once this segment is in place the entry in Tixati can be shortened to mention that there is another network and client type  created by the same developers with a link to the new page, but lets not rush, one page at a time is the safest policy.
by Guest on 2020/07/05 01:54:24 PM    
But a full article needs much more information than that, what to fill in there?
by Guest on 2020/07/05 07:41:38 PM    
Missed your question Guest my apologies, Fopnu is not designed to be a "darknet", so I would not place an entry there but your other entries are great you deserve a medal : )
by Guest on 2020/07/06 04:59:04 PM    
And what about the other question? hahaha
by Guest on 2020/07/10 05:13:18 AM    
If we start with this as mentioned above


we can all take turns to improve it but there needs to be something to edit in the first place, I did offer to edit it into something more substantial when the fopnu redirect to tixati is removed and some stub thrown in there of the sort I tried before.
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