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Is it the same as winmx?

by Bungdunk Hamsterfelch on 2017/08/24 01:58:35 AM    
How goes it? Is this the same as winmx?
by Guest on 2017/08/26 07:28:34 PM    
It seems nobody wants to tell us.
by Loops on 2017/08/27 01:18:03 PM    
This question was asked and answered in another topic, that is perhaps the reason no one has replied however to keep you both happy I shall repeat the answer.

This is a new network so no it is not the same as WinMX however it offers many of the same features as WinMx but using a more platform agile codebase, you have chat, filesharing and many similar options of control.

Due to the network architecture changes delivered in Fopnu it is not compatible with the older WinMX client, however the developer is still actively working on Fopnu and is the same person whom wrote WinMx so they have a good understanding of what you want and is working through a long list of feature requests even while I'm typing this.
by Guest on 2017/08/29 07:03:04 PM    
No,it is not.It is Like Tixati Bit Torrent,but on a P2P basis.If it can connect to other P2P Networks,I will find Out.Or try to at leased.
by kb8kac on 2017/11/25 06:12:22 PM    
any chance you can link and use the current Winmx servers??
by BugMagnet on 2018/07/13 04:04:39 PM    
winmx peer cache servers was the key point of failure when they were forced to pull the plug.
i seem to recall years of contention over control of the user-created peer cache servers.
Someone wanted to be king over it all. F...that.

fopnu eliminates the need for peer cache servers and kings.
by Guest on 2018/08/27 10:47:17 AM    
Winmx is still very much alive and none of the servers or server parks have been shut down.
The current Fopnu version keeps the server information hidden. But it's different world.
by Guest on 2018/09/05 12:32:18 AM    
To ensure that a genuine and realistic semblance of the current status of winmx is portrayed BugMagnet it would be erroneous not to point out that your comments are focused on events 10 years ago, the current system has no kings and has been working for longer than anyone else was able to maintain it.

Winmx of course is a much dated system so I am looking forward to new features and technologies in Fopnu, the idea in any p2p system is to innovate & retain the most effective elements, whilst continualy focusing on improvements, only then do we all get what we want.
by Guest on 2019/01/07 10:39:33 PM    
Well, Maybe we love old systems like WinMX as long as they're working fine.
I'll give fopnu a go however...
by Guest on 2020/01/17 07:51:59 PM    
How old are the people using Winmx? Gramps is still waiting for the latest Winmx version that isn't coming. Winmx is great for mp3 and 1 and 2 cd Divx, but is that anywhere near what people want today? fopnu has what Winmx can't possibly ever have, the ability to down/upload that 2,100MB file you must have, and do it privately.
by Guest on 2020/01/21 01:55:40 AM    
I agree we need to look towards the future Guest, we are all aware winmx was halted in its tracks back in 2005 by those intent on monopolising the internet for themselves, fopnu is the way ahead and no one is arguing with you.

Get spreading the good news further, those reading this forum dont need convincing.
by Guest on 2020/05/20 11:11:07 PM    
I'm 15 and I use WinMX. I am actually updating WinMX as we speak. I just found out about WinMX through a few friends who are my age actually. So not only old people use it. I use this for a few files. But no chat rooms. I love chatting while I'm looking for apps, or music, or movies. No one it seems like cares about that here. Maybe I'm wrong but I think that kinda proves it with no Chats.
by Guest on 2020/05/25 02:53:41 AM    
A chat based network does not appear overnight Guest, it takes a lot of time to initiate and some level of continuous effort to ensure a smooth experience for all of its users.

The developer here does his best to deliver a decent and solid platform for us packed with features we have ask for, I kind of feel hes done his bit.

What we need to do for ourselves is to set out just what topics we want to jaw about and translate that into chat rooms based around those themes, folks will vote with their prescence if a chat room is found to be stimulating and satisfying.

We the networks users must make the effort to bond with each other and work out who delivers inspiration and fun and the few who drive you along the fast road to sleepville, you dont have to host a chat room but at least have the chat window open in a channel to create the right conditions for having a conversation, its not an einsteinian concpt is it.

If you havent tried the chats folks give them a whirl as your not committing to anything dangerous, we are all using Fopnu for the same reason and I believe have a degree of helpful knowledge to share and potentially new friends to make, never underestimate the power of friendship, a friendly ear when its needed will pay for itself many times over in good will and life opportunites.

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