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Is it the same as winmx?
by Bungdunk Hamsterfelch on 2017/08/23 07:58:35 PM
How goes it? Is this the same as winmx?
by Guest on 2017/08/26 01:28:34 PM
It seems nobody wants to tell us.

by Loops on 2017/08/27 07:18:03 AM
This question was asked and answered in another topic, that is perhaps the reason no one has replied however to keep you both happy I shall repeat the answer.

This is a new network so no it is not the same as WinMX however it offers many of the same features as WinMx but using a more platform agile codebase, you have chat, filesharing and many similar options of control.

Due to the network architecture changes delivered in Fopnu it is not compatible with the older WinMX client, however the developer is still actively working on Fopnu and is the same person whom wrote WinMx so they have a good understanding of what you want and is working through a long list of feature requests even while I'm typing this.

by Guest on 2017/08/29 01:03:04 PM
No,it is not.It is Like Tixati Bit Torrent,but on a P2P basis.If it can connect to other P2P Networks,I will find Out.Or try to at leased.
by kb8kac on 2017/11/25 12:12:22 PM
any chance you can link and use the current Winmx servers??
by BugMagnet on 2018/07/13 10:04:39 AM
winmx peer cache servers was the key point of failure when they were forced to pull the plug.
i seem to recall years of contention over control of the user-created peer cache servers.
Someone wanted to be king over it all. F...that.

fopnu eliminates the need for peer cache servers and kings.

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