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Eff Ohh Pee Enn Yuu spells...

by Guest on 2020/10/12 09:58:55 PM    
Been reading up on Fopnu (and getting excited about it!) for the last hour or so, but have been reading it as- fon-pu, rather than fop-nu... I'm an idiot.

I hope someone can answer my super important question!!?

by Guest on 2020/10/22 07:30:54 AM    
Hello. You can ask your question and someone might be able to answer. But if you don't ask your question, nobody can answer. Also, consider asking your Fopnu related question in the help and support section instead of here. Thanks.
by Guest on 2021/02/18 03:35:41 PM    
I believe it was an attempt at what you humans call- 'sarcasm' with added tones of 'self deprecation'
by kotenok2000 on 2021/04/08 12:50:22 PM    

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