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by Guest on 2021/10/20 12:51:05 AM    
need android version
by Guest on 2022/08/30 01:45:36 PM    
Very needed!
by Guest on 2022/10/17 02:09:32 PM    
here here
by Guest on 2022/11/03 07:40:58 AM    
by Guest on 2023/01/17 02:59:09 PM    
LOL "here here" is a statement of agreement or unanimosity.

I'm sure it'll happen, but wait for it. :) This protocol and app is one of the best that exist.
by Guest on 2024/02/13 02:09:45 AM    
It would be interesting to have a version for ANDROID, with the possibility for people to LIST files like POPCORNTIME was (to play). And as the person downloaded, they could send a cache. Or something that the person could favorite a friend, and then be notified when there was a NEW file in the share. Like an RSS feed of news from the archives. And so, like a YouTube feed. Then the NEW folders would appear (of all the friends she added) and she could download the file there to play it. On cell phone/tvbox. This would greatly popularize fopnu. I myself want to set up a 100TB server to keep it ONLINE there. Target 1 petabyte. LOL
by Guest on 2024/03/25 04:18:00 PM    
An android version of Fopnu in the Material You design language is sorely needed. I agree with OP.
by Guest on 2024/05/29 12:07:09 AM    
I can see why DarkMX was their first foray into Android apps. The protocol, as I understand it, is relatively light on the client. Most of the heavy lifting is handled by the servers/channels.

Fopnu, as much as I'd love to see an Android app, is a bit of a different beast in terms of the demands on the client. It's a very "chatty" protocol - just look at your bandwidth page once you've joined a number of chats - because of the network's decentralised nature.

I'm not saying it shouldn't be done, just that it will be a bit more intense (read: battery-hungry) on our devices.

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