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i just installed and ran program.when i search nothing comes up

by Guest on 2017/10/27 08:40:39 AM    
new to program......anything I search for the program doesn't find a single thing. am I doing something wrong?? Thank you
by Guest on 2017/10/29 08:04:17 AM    
Fopnu is quite new yet and does not have a large amount of files available, so its possible that nobody has what you searched for. Try a search for     mp3     make sure audio tab is highlighted. See if any results are returned then. :)
by Guest on 2017/10/31 04:18:55 AM    
If you dont wait until you have connected to many peers you may get very low/no search results.
leave it connected for a bit and try again, but like others have said, its new and not very many users yet so results will be low.

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