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Can is use Fopnu for private file sharing with only one pc?
by moonsurfer on 2018/01/09 09:31:05 PM
Hi everyone, i'm using tixati for my torrent files and i like it very much. What is the difference between tixati&fopnu? I think fopnu is like emule. Can is use Fopnu for private file sharing with only one pc? thank is in advance...
by Guest on 2018/08/26 06:34:46 PM
I think the above is a valid question.

But technically I think that the question being asked is, if Fopnu is installed on multiple computers (for whatever reason) will copying existing shared files or 'incompletes' files be readily picked up by Fopnu as the same file id that gets used in the DHT, would any hash tables need to be copied over?

by Guest on 2018/09/30 05:16:31 PM
I think that possibility would be a great thing to have
by Guest on 2018/10/02 02:31:09 PM
you can share as much or as little as you want with whoever you want.

in the library you can make a group and add one person or many people to it and share what you want with that group only.