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Crash while sending PM

by Leocold on 2018/01/12 06:00:36 PM    
Fopnu crashed today while I was sending (Actually replying) a PM message to a user in my user list. I will try to reproduce and post here again if I can since I don't have any more details right now. Windows, 1.25.
by Guest on 2018/01/13 05:18:38 AM    
what version of windows?

did you send in the crash report?

that's the best way to get this issue fixed.

always send in the crash report.
by Guest on 2018/01/19 05:55:22 PM    
Windows 7 64bit

I didn't send a crash report as far as I know. The whole window went white, a second later the usual "has stopped working" window popped up by windows. I clicked close or something and the whole thing went away. I don't remember being asked by Fopnu to send some crash report. Should fopnu ask for sending a report or do windows ask for it? I think I've turned off error reporting in Windows.

Finally I don't feel comfortable sending error reports unless I have the ability to inspect them before sending them. Yeah, I know, I'm running a closed source program so why am I even worrying about sending a report, but I still want to see what the report contains.
by Guest on 2018/02/05 06:22:36 PM    
Yeah fopnu sometimes crashes while sending private message, on Win10 64bit.
by Guest on 2018/02/06 09:31:02 PM    
are there any weird characters/symbols in the messages that cause crashes?
by Leocold on 2018/02/07 06:16:32 PM    
No weird chars. Just plain english chars.
by Guest on 2018/02/07 08:11:28 PM    
is it always the same person you are sending a message to when it crashes?

does their name have any weird characters/symbols in it? does yours?
by Guest on 2018/02/09 04:27:07 AM    
It crashes without any strange characters in the user names. When re-launching Fopnu 1.25 and attempting to send a message to the same username it might not crash, so it is an intermittent behaviour.
by Guest on 2018/02/23 01:36:40 PM    
when this happens be sure to send the error report in. that is the best way to get this fixed.

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