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Feature Suggestion - Hash (Cache) File

by Guest on 2018/01/20 09:18:35 PM    
Dear developer,

please, add a feature to put the hash file into a custom folder, and onto a custom drive. It is currently caching, or hashing, or whatever onto my drive C: which is a VERY small SSD (40GB) dedicated only for my OS, and the hash file is already 10GB. If only I could put that hash or cache file onto another drive. Thanks!
by Guest on 2018/01/21 12:44:27 PM    
I am talking about the .appdata\roaming\fopnu\library.dat file.

Even a better feature would be an option to leave a more narrow footprint, and put all the fopnu-related files into the fopnu's installation folder.

Thank you!
by Guest on 2018/01/22 06:01:53 AM    
have you tried using the portable version?
by PurpleFish on 2018/01/25 09:59:09 AM    
There is certainly a bug somewhere because my 550 GB shared files only need a 76 MB file, on Linux (/nickname/.fopnu/library.dat ).

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