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Excellent new network, very few users.

by SimoSaraMia on 2018/01/26 11:25:37 PM    
Hello to all. Sorry for the bad English, I'm Italian. I use Fopnu pretty much from the beginning and I'm happy with the network project. However it's really hard to encourage someone to use fopnu for the lack of users and then files. It would be nice to spread as much as possible for the potential sharing and exchange that the network could offer both from global research and directly from the user in chat channels. I would be happy to see, at least at the beginning, a multi-network (I would love it on the winmx network) to get him a minimum of user databases and maybe for someone to abandon old obsolete clients. Thanks anyway for this jump between the good memories, which is more about community than download and away.
by Guest on 2018/02/10 04:45:56 AM    
You are right. There are two needed integration for bringing fopnu on top

1) add KAD network (emule)
2) add torrent support

one application for all, and 3 sharing protocol always active

(also from italy)
by SimoSaraMia on 2018/02/11 07:19:04 PM    
I agree with the first point, on the second a little less given that there are many torrent clients (the same tixati, which at that point integrated the network fopnu on it). We hope that the developer realizes it because after months the network has not received users. We are always the same on the net and it is seen by the users in chat fopnu support that are the same that appear in global searches. I finish by saying that since August I received 0 upload requests ...
by Loops on 2018/02/13 04:33:25 PM    
The problem with users or rather the lack of users is simply one of confidence in my view, we know the developer of Fopnu is a trusted capable chap and always ready to add innovations and listen to our feedback however as users we want perhaps something a little more this time around, some feedback from him.

I might surmise many things and they may or may not be of relevance but since theres no "authority" on this network in terms of directing effort to build the network and some feedback on what direction the network is going in in the long term, its pretty hard for me as a long time winmx user to say lets burn our boats and arrive en-masse on a network which may or may not be the promised land but may close down at the whim of the developer in two weeks. Not knowing the road ahead is really the stumbling block for me and many others I speak to, should KH address this "block" and lay out his plans I would be more than happy to devote time to whip up some more users, my core concern is in knowing for certain that the network can remain operational in terms of new/existing users ability to join the network should the fopnu domain close for any reason, I hope you appreciate that this concern is borne from historical precedent and not directed to bismirch anyone here, what can you guys tell us "concerned" folks ?
by Guest on 2018/03/20 05:19:51 AM    
why use network, where anyone can see everything you share, pretty much useless without vpn, which makes it bothersome to use, and reason why it has same amount of users since release ...

dunno what their intention were whit this, probably just something to lean new stuff on
by BugMagnet on 2018/03/31 05:54:06 AM    
Loops...I wasn't sure how the fopnu user network forms but apparently it uses DHT to connect. That is independent of fopnu d0t com. There are no peer cache servers involved like winMX... do there is no jeopardy if in the unlikely event development stops.
by Guest on 2018/04/13 08:00:20 PM    
Emules KAD still has huge number of users and files, and because KAD has proven to be great network, it would be great to have Fopnu to connect to KAD.
If Fopnu would offer multiple KAD connections, if thats only possible way to make KAD faster and share more files on it, then huge number of emule users would
jump ship and start using Fopnu. I have been using emule >99% of the time since it was first released (having multiple emules running 24/7) and waiting for
someone to add that multiple KAD connections to some Xmule version so that I could share more. I know there are LOTS of people like me, but somehow nobody
has not done that yet.

Another network that has still lots of users is Soulseek. But thats propably not compatible enough because its TCP based. However it propably would be very easy
to implement and Soulseek has lots of users in places where there are not any other popular network beside torrent.

As there already are threads on Marrying Tixati and Fopnu, Im not going to explain anything other that it really is a must for getting popularity. And popularity
itself is a must for surviving. There should be however different versions, Fopnu, Tixati and Fopxati, to please all the users and have the optimum outcome in the long run.

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