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Feature request: IP address geolocation, DNS hostname

by Guest on 2018/01/31 07:46:33 PM    
Can you add IP address geolocation and DNS hostname resolution in fopnu? It would be great if we could see a national flag and country name next to a username or IP address, as well as its DNS hostname, and if possible also city-level geolocation. Tixati does it so I believe it wouldn't be hard to port this feature to fopnu... Just make sure the country names are provided next to the flags since not everyone knows all flags in the world lol. However, users should also be able to opt-out from this feature to protect their privacy, so if I have selected a setting like "Exlude me from geolocation and hostname resolution" then fopnu should not geolocate/resolve the IP address of that user (whereas someone could search the IP address on a public geolocation and whois database, it would still be useful to be able to opt-out from automatic geolocation/resolution within fopnu).
by Leocold on 2018/02/07 06:21:35 PM    
That's a fun distraction that I also like in Tixati but lately more and more users use VPNs so most of the time it's not even accurate. As for the opt-out option, I'm really against any features that give users a false sense of security. You IP is not and cannot be private in fopnu as it is and users should be always aware of that.

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