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Feature request: DblClick on a finished uploaded file to open it

by Guest on 2018/02/05 06:21:27 PM    
It would be nice to be able to double-click or right-click on a finished uploaded file to open it, or open its containing folder, like we can with the finished downloaded files. Please implement this as it will allow sharers to better manage their shares.
by Guest on 2018/02/13 05:22:35 PM    
Is it not possible to do this from within the Shared files/library window ?

Whilst its trivial for the developer to add this function I am not sure I follow the reasoning for it to occur in the uploading window.
by Guest on 2018/02/16 09:07:46 PM    
If a user has too many files in deep directory structures then it is difficult to find the file on the library tab, it's easier for the user who shares lots of files to implement double-click or right-click open-file functionality in the uploads list.
by Guest on 2018/02/17 03:46:19 PM    
Still not seeing why anyone would want to "manage" their library via the upload window simply because some else downloaded a file from you but whatever floats your boat : ))

I'm sure the developer has read your request and may add it to the next build if some of us make a donation.
by Guest on 2018/02/19 07:44:22 PM    
It is important to know what files users download most from my fopnu shares, so that I can keep the most downloaded files and delete those that are not downloaded much, and also to add more files similar to those that are most often downloaded. Sometimes I don't remember what a file in my shares is about, its filename might be too generic, so double-clicking on it to open it and see what it is about would be very helpful if it could be done from the uploads screen.
by Guest on 2018/03/31 09:16:01 PM    
I’d like to see a more interactive GUI also, the ability to click on files uploaded is one feature I would use because I like to keep my files neat and often I see someone downloaded an individual song from me and it doesn’t have the artist or album in the title just the song name and I like to go fix them as soon as I see them in my shares.
Being able to right click and go to the shared folder would be useful to me.
by Guest on 2018/04/06 12:25:46 PM    
Indeed this feature would be highly useful, why hasn't it been implemented yet?

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