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Bug report and feature request

by Guest on 2018/03/05 11:30:40 PM    
First the bug, when I type "ctrl" + "backspace" in order to delete a word, fopnu puts a "" there instead (In fopnu it looks like a rectangle, you can copy and paste that to see). I can't replicate this behavior in other programs so it isn't my OS or keyboard.

Feature request, it would be nice if chat was time stamped so I could see when things were said, and how long ago. Also it would be nice if a search feature was implemented in the browse function for users. It would have to be client side so that you don't destroy someones CPU or disk looking for a specific file that may or may not even exist, but it would be nice.

by Guest on 2018/03/07 04:52:50 PM    
Fopnu 1.25 supports chat time stamps but you have to enable them by clicking the Users button in the chat window and selecting the Timestamps option.

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