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Search not returning all hits

by Guest on 2018/03/22 05:54:52 PM    

I was browsing the shared files of a random user in a chat, of which there were plenty.

As a test I used the Search feature to see how many of their files containing a certain term were returned.

I estimate they held about 280 files where the term was contained within the folder or file name. However only 29 of the files held by this user were returned in the search results.

Repeat searches returned the exact same files.

Is it by design that the search function only returns a sample of hits? Or maybe it is a maximum number of hits per user?

It would be a shame if potential hits were being lost to sampling or an arbitrary limit.

I love the potential Fopnu has. It just needs to reach a critical mass and, if my search findings are to be believed, a more thorough network search.


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