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Please People, Clean up your shared folders.

by Guest on 2018/03/31 09:01:29 PM    
This is both a plea to the users of Fopnu as well as a feature request.

Fopnu is getting littered with junk by users unknowingly sharing there downloads folders and their working folders that they have unpacked a ton of crap to.

I’ve noticed quite a few users are sharing installation folders of software. While it’s awesome that you are willing to share your programs with us Fopnu isn’t exposing every single file that may be in that folder and if we try to D/L that entire folder from you it most likely will not contain every file needed to install said program.

A better scenario would be for you the host of said files package these files by means of a compression utility into ZIP or RAR format so when we D/L your program we will be getting the entire installation package.

Also a little housekeeping is needed by some of us as often we will be sharing the source RAR/Zip but have unpacked that into 1000+ files and are sharing the unpacked folder as well. Don’t do that.

Try to keep the files you are sharing in an organized space and any programs should be wrapped in a compression container like Zip/Rar.

To the developer it may be time to start adding some behind the scenes filters/restrictions of how we can share folders and files.
Possibly if someone tries to share a folder containing a bunch of executable files or installation folders Fopnu would refuse and pop a message to pack yer shit up and come back with it when you are finished.

Thanks and have a great day
by Guest on 2018/04/01 12:57:35 PM    
It's bad netiquette to share big RAR/Zip/7z files because people cannot see what's inside a compressed file, some private trackers ban them for that reason. Better share the files without compression so that everyone can choose to download only the files they need.
by Dan911 on 2018/04/08 04:43:58 PM    
If I'm not mistaken, modern clients can open pack files' headers, thus letting the user see what's inside.
It is a very needed ability; if Fopnu doesn't do it yet, for sure it should be on to-do.
by Guest on 2018/04/13 07:46:11 PM    
What are you suggesting when I have many terabytes of downloads, all downloaded with Tixati, and most of torrents contain tons of files.

Im sharing everything, because the only alternative would be to not share at all.

Ofcourse sharing Program Files-folder, temp folders etc totally unmanaged crap is done only by total newbies or idiots.

Because there is little to no info how Fopnu's network works, I dont know how much harm sharing crap does, but I would be against
filtering, blocking or anything that restricts users (even if the behaviour is idiotic). However I would do everything possible against
antiP2P organizations etc trashing/attacking that has destroyed many decent networks in the past 15 years. Only if sharing crap is really
effecting the performance of the network, then I would think ways to filter shite and/or shitty users.

All work is pretty much useless if Fopnu doesnt catch fire and become popular. So all decisions should be made from that point on.
I dont assume I have all the answers, but I have been in the "P2P game" since the 90s, and getting things popular is exponentially harder
every year because we have been conditionalized to be impatient, because we are used to getting everything instantly and because we have
too much from to choose.
by Guest on 2018/04/23 11:52:29 PM    
no, what im suggesting is if you decide to share a program that came on a cd or is unpacked into an install direstory with many files its useless to share that directory you should make an ISO or RAR/ZIP of all those files so the downloader gets the entire program to install not a mess of files that may or may not be all the files needed to install said program.
an example would be if i copied a disk like TreeMaker_9 to a folder and shared it. that directory contains 29 files that are all nessessary to install the program yet when i browse that foled on fopnu its sharing only 23 files so noone is going to get everything nessessary to install, id be a turd if i didn't wrap that up into a single package to share.
im noticing a lot of unpacked install directories on here and that is what im referring to not albums.
i share all albums unpacked as loose files but name them well so you can tell what they are.

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