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BUG/REQUEST for making not Fopnu to scan folders constantly

by Guest on 2018/04/12 06:23:53 PM    
Im sharing 26TB with Fopnu, and its becoming almost impossible to hash that library because Fopnu keeps scanning those already hashed folders.
Because I have such large library, scanning those folders take lots of times, althoug everything is already hashed and no rehashing occurs.

My library consist of 5 x 8TB hard drives, and 4 of thoses hard drives are full and nothing changes in them, ever. It bugs the hell out that Fopnu
still has to check those folders. So there has to be option to stop automatic folder scanning completely and/or by on folder based settings.

I have couple of incoming folders also that I would like to share, and have the new files scanned occasionally when I want. So there should be options
to control the automatic scanning, to let user choose how often it is allowed etc.

I think this should be on the top of priorities because this directly effects on how people are wanting to share. And bugging out those that are willing
to share huge quantities is really hurting Fopnu to become popular.

So please add my requested features and I will keep sharing my whole library on my 100mb line.
by Guest on 2018/04/24 12:58:05 PM    
have you tried v1.27 yet?

there are setting for how many files are scanned at a time and how much cpu is used.

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