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Fopnu 1.27 cannot hash new files in NTFS junctions

by Guest on 2018/04/21 09:17:02 AM    
Fopnu 1.27 on Win10-64bit cannot hash new files in NTFS junctions, except if the user does a manual refresh. Probably filesystem notifications don't work.
by Guest on 2018/04/24 12:55:27 PM    
what exactly is happening?

what happens when you try to hash a file?

more details please.
by Guest on 2018/04/25 02:06:46 AM    
i have thousands of music files symbolically linked in my music folder.
of coarse i didn't do this with any built in windows utility, i created all my symbolic links using LSE Link Shell Extension.
in the earlier version of Fopnu it didn't follow the links but in the current versions it does, at least in windows 7 it does.
maybe you method of creating links isn't working, try LSE and see if it works.
by Guest on 2018/04/25 04:03:37 AM    
I was wrong, the junctions had become corrupted so Fopnu or any other program couldn't find the files, it was a problem with my junctions not Fopnu, so this bug report can be deleted now.

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