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by Guest on 2018/04/29 08:50:24 PM    
Does Fopnu use encryption for transfers and/or chats and/or searches?

If so, which algorithm(s) and how would the keys be exchanged?

Security is quite important in this day and age, so I believe this is a very important question. Is it like perfect dark with RSA-secured AES?
by Guest on 2018/04/30 05:31:20 AM    
According to Fopnu's programmer, it has "Full connection encryption and decentralized public key infrastructure".

If security is important to you then consider using an open-source p2p program. Fopnu is closed-source and this means no one (except its creator) can inspect the code to see whether it works correctly, how it works, and what are the specifics of its algorithm implementations.

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