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Some suggestions.

by Guest on 2018/05/05 05:03:41 PM    
Hello, I'm a dedicated Fopnu user and I'd really like this network to take off because it reminds me of good ol' Winmx, ah the nostalgia.

Some suggestions.

1) Add a progress bar to the Fopnu loading screen. Since I'm sharing over seven terabytes of data, this can take considerable time during which Windows thinks Fopnu has crapped out (not responding.) Also the program needs to periodically communicate with Windows to prevent this sort of thing going on.

2) An option to start Fopnu together with Windows, hidden in the system tray. My system periodically craps out due to overheating (I'm one of those overclocking people lol) and I hate seeing that the system has restarted and that Fopnu is not running. I don't think it would be hard to add this option.

3) Fopnu is still not very reliable, the program periodically craps out with its own error message. This seems to have gone for the worse since version 1.27.

That's all, cheers from Croatia!

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