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Feature request, Wild Fopnu or central server-less caches.

by Guest on 2018/05/21 09:04:03 AM    
I've got an idea for an unstoppable or in the wild P2P network and since Fopnu is still in its infancy and under development it would be a likely candidate for such implementation.
essentially the protocol would work exactly as it does now but with no central cache server to be shut down.
If the cache server duties were integrated into Fopnu so each client serves the addresses of the other clients.
Im assuming after connection each client is already serving that function so it wouldn't be much of a change.
A log of recent connected addresses would be stored in an encrypted dat file on each client then when starting Fopnu it would just try to connect to each of those clients until it found one online and makes connection, once connected to one other user it could keep trying users on its own list and clear out dead links as well as update its cached user list from the other users it just connected to.
The initial release would need to already include a populated dat file of users that are regularly online to get it started, but once the network is large enough it would be virtually impossible to stop it because there would be no head to cut off to shut it down.
by BugMagnet on 2018/07/10 03:15:36 PM    
I'm not sure but I think the devs are way ahead of this.
afaik, fopnu does not use any peer IP "cache server" like winmx did.

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