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informing users about development

by Guest on 2018/05/29 09:57:12 AM    
i think it might be beneficial to provide a sort of "work-in-progress" list for users, somewhere on the news section perhaps. in certain rooms in fopnu things are discussed related to features and functions of fopnu. however, all that seems to be puffing into the blue, since i have so far not talked to anyone who is a developer there.

knowing for example that right-clicking on files or folders in my library will provide options in the near future like "delete", "make new folder" "copy to", "move to" a.s., (or even knowing a certain feature/function has been discussed and discarded) would help myself and many others to save brainpower for what has not been tackled (as would be clear from such a list).

i am not asking to reveal any sort of code behind all that. just a plain list of stuff that is on the to-do menu.

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