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Fantasy Feature: selective browse by file type filter

by BugMagnet on 2018/07/10 03:50:30 PM    
If I am looking only for videos, I think such a filter would make browsing more efficient.

From the user list, browse is all file types shared obviously.

I'd propose adding "Browse for..." which when clicked would offer the option to limit this user browse to either a preset preference ((*) Videos, (*) Other (ISO, zip, bz, etc)  OR to set the filter on the fly.
by Loops on 2018/07/13 05:00:31 PM    
This feature can be achieved using either of the following methods, firstly a simple file type field can be added to the current browse packet to limit the response traffic to only the file type required (leaving the file type value to "000" or somesuch would indicate an "ordinary" browse was required), the alternative is less helpful but useful for older networks with fixed protocols, simply to buffer all of the browse results and parse out the requested file types prior to adding the data into the listview.

I suggest for an active developer the first option is of course the superior one.

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