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by GREEKGOD on 2018/07/15 06:32:38 PM    
Hello,i use Tixati with out a problem and i love the simplicity of the client,yesterday i downloaded and fopnu and i try to used it but i dont can,i try to download torrents but i dont can,any help or advice?
Thank you.
by Loops on 2018/07/16 12:16:23 PM    
Hi Greekgod, Fopnu is not a torrent client its a whole new p2p network that works differently.

Go to
for the latest version of the torrent client.
by GREEKGOD on 2018/07/17 03:29:27 AM    
I have Tixati and i use,but how works fopnu?
by BugMagnet on 2018/07/18 12:07:09 AM    
think of fopnu as a self-contained means to share information and files within a exclusive group, something like a virtual private network.

You join the club when you run fopnu. You can offer files to share openly, publicly, or you can share files privately with a single other user, a group of users or a channel. very versatile.

And obviously you can search for what others are offering also and browse files a user is sharing in a channel.
by Guest on 2018/08/05 08:52:04 AM    
Fopnu is a new technology (a new network protocol) and does not use torrents (it does not use the BitTorrent network protocol). The easiest way to use Fopnu is to install it and then search for files or join a few chatrooms and right-click a user's name there and click the Browse option, which will show you what files the user is sharing. To download a file just double-click on it. To change the directory/folder where the files are saved use Fopnu's settings dialogue. Because of social etiquette on Fopnu it is a good idea to share some of your files before you start downloading other users' files.

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