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"resume download" for entire folders...

by Guest on 2018/07/20 08:39:33 PM    
... please.
by Guest on 2018/07/20 08:59:12 PM    
... from the library, that is.
by BugMagnet on 2018/07/20 11:30:23 PM    
please clarify -i'm confused.

You UPLOAD from the library

Downloads are controlled on the Transfers tab...and downloads should automatically resume when a source is available.
by Guest on 2018/07/22 10:59:29 PM    
just imagine i have lost my list of dls in the transfers window.

incomplete files will show as incompletes in the library, provided their dl destination is included in the library. there then rightclick on such a file will give you the option to resume the dl. however, this works on a per file basis. i would like to have that feature of resuming on a folder basis, so that the whole folder will be re-placed in the transfers list, instead of each file as a single item.
by Guest on 2018/07/22 11:56:52 PM    
... and then of course not dl the whole folder anew, but recognise what has already been dld there and what not, and then resume only the incompletes.
by Guest on 2018/08/31 03:30:48 PM    
++ 1 - for - ((( recognise what has already been downloaded ,,, and then resume only the incomplete files )))
by Guest on 2018/08/31 04:23:23 PM    
++ 1 - for - ((( inside the library ,,, resume on a folder basis ,,, so that ,,, the whole folder will be replaced in the transfers list )))

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