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Self-browse fails - feature or bug?

by BugMagnet on 2018/08/04 04:34:48 AM    
I can't browse my fopnu clients from itself. Client A can browse client B and vice-versa. But A can't browse A and B can't browse B.

It returns "remote timed out"

On Tixati I can browse myself, but not on fopnu. I don't know if this is an intentional design change, unfinished business or a bug.

I thought I saw a discussion of this before, but can't find it on this forum. Perhaps it was online in a channel.
by Guest on 2018/08/04 01:20:55 PM    
self browsing works well with me. not only that, but also when i browse myself from the main contact list i am shown only the folders i marked as public, when i browse myself from the users list of a room i am then also additionally shown shares that i have attached to the room only (i.e. which are not public).
by BugMagnet on 2018/08/05 05:51:24 AM    
My initial post was wrong.

From A, I can browse both A and B

From B, I can browse A but not B

All I get is:

Loading folder contents...
Searching for peer location...
remote timed out

Not sure this is relevant...but my client does not show itself as online on the contact list, so i can't browse from there.
by Guest on 2018/08/05 08:46:18 AM    
Self-browsing does not work for me, on 1.29. It worked in an old version (a very old one).
by BugMagnet on 2018/08/06 07:24:50 PM    
I have fopnu running on 2 win 7 platforms, at different locations. One can self browse, the other cannot.

From the one that doesn't self-browse, People can download from me and I can upload to others. I disabled firewall to test. still no self-browse.

As I tested further, I noticed an anomaly. When I changed the firewall level in my dsl router, from low to high, the upload activity seemed to increase. I would have expected it to decrease if it was blocking somehow. I was running tixati also at the time. Might it be possible that switching level from low to high blocked tixati and made UL BW more available to fopnu?  more testing...

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