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Fantasy Feature Request - Display contents of internal folder
by BugMagnet on 2018/08/07 08:51:30 PM
On Search and browse, stats are shown for a shared folders, displaying number of files and total size of the folder contents..

But when a users losts a link for a folder in channel or by PM, no details are provided other than the folder name.

When allocating HD space, I need to know at least the total size of that folder before I click to DL.

Maybe these properties can be displayed on mouseover?

by BugMagnet on 2018/08/08 11:03:32 AM
As I mostly seed, upload, I am not used to DLing so much so I wasn't familiar with the fact that the behavior is different when clicking on a file link than a folder link. Clicking on a folder link causes a window to popup that does in fact provide all the information I was looking for as to file sizes.

Option to show this on mouseover would be nice in some cases but redundant...

Never to old to learn...