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bug? own nick on contact list grayed out

by BugMagnet on 2018/08/11 01:43:36 PM    
I mentioned this earlier with another issue but so it is not overlooked, am repeating it here.

I added my nick to the contact list. It remains grayed out though I am obviously online.

Since it is grayed out, ,indicating "offline", the menu option to Browse is omitted.

The option to Browse myself does appear from a channel nicklist. But that fails for me on one of my systems though works on another. That was my earlier issue.
by BugMagnet on 2018/08/13 09:36:58 PM    
The above behavior is just on one of my win 7 pro systems.

On my main system, my nick is highlighted on the contact list and I can browse myself successfully from there.

On my secondary system, My nick is not highlighted on the contact list as it is on the channels' lists. And as reported, I can't browse myself from this system.

I can't figure out why. Is it a setting? Is it somehow blocked by the particular modem/router on this system? I turned the internal firewall off and have created 'pinholes' by adding an entry for port forwarding. I can browse others, upload and download. Just can't browse myself. Not a biggie but it bugs me.

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