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Creating New Chat Room: "Connecting" status indefinitely
by Guest on 2018/08/16 12:22:35 PM
Creating a new chat room gives me:

Finding connections...

Then it stays there forever with status "Connecting"
Any suggestions on how to successfully create a chat room?

by Guest on 2018/08/18 02:29:43 AM
At this point, the room has been created, but you are alone. The channel does not form until you make a connection with another user. Once someone joins, the connection will be made.

by BugMagnet on 2018/08/18 09:00:04 PM
the channel was 'created' but it can't really form until someone else decides to join,

until then it will remain in "finding connections" mode.

There is not very much channel activity on fopnu yet.

If the channel is public and advertised, someone will stumble into it eventually, if the topic or focus of the channel appeals to them.