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Upload speed is to low

by Guest on 2018/08/27 11:03:36 PM    
I have seven files to upload and no dl going, my max upload speed is 625KBs and Fopnu hovers around 45KBs.
What can be done to meet at least the upload speed of the WINMX network?
by Guest on 2018/08/30 01:19:26 AM    
If that is the case, then something might be causing a progressive bottle as I am getting a drop from 100Mb/s up/down speed down in Speedtest to around half (around the 6'000KB/s) of that in Fopnu (when making a test intra computer connection, both on VPN). Don't recall that being the case in eMule, although last time I checked I did not have such high bandwidth as I do now.

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