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Can't Connect to friend
by Guest on 2018/09/07 10:19:24 PM
Me and my friend both can connect to chats, and anyone in them, but not to each other, both ways. Is there anyway to fix that? I want to give him some files.


by Guest on 2018/09/09 04:03:48 PM
i have noticed that seeing someone in a chatroom is not necessarily being connected to that person in terms of being able to browse or dl from that person.

it seems that for connecting to people and for connecting to rooms two different "streams" are used.

if i do not see a person as online in my overall contact list, i can not browse nor dl from that person, even if i see the person in a room.

by Guest on 2018/09/18 03:07:43 AM
maybe both of you cant accept incoming connections.