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LAN issues

by BugMagnet on 2018/09/26 07:00:29 PM    
1- clients on same LAN not seen as online. Can't send/receive msgs. Can't browse. Can't share. Visible in channels but grayed out on contact list. To pass information to another client on my LAN I have to send it to my remote client and relay it back from there.
With tixati, contact list works. It shows local client as being online.

Would help greatly if I could share my files over the LAN with visitors using fopnu.

2- I got friend to install tixati and fopnu on their linux laptop. During the configuration process, some items on the Settings dialog were not visible as it was too big and options at the bottom were off screen. There was no option to have verticle scroll to bring it up nor any ability to resize the settings dialog window. We tried resetting monitor resolutions but nothing worked. At maximum res, and the settings dialog moved to the top of the screen, the bottom was still cut off.

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