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partial connectivity 17%

by Guest on 2018/10/28 10:11:42 AM    
hey all , new user here.
my connection windows says im only getting partial connectivty, how do i fix that?
by Guest on 2018/10/29 12:13:55 AM    
what version of Fopnu?

what OS?

how long does it take to get to 17%?

does it increase to 17% and then just stop increasing?

what is in the event log?
by Guest on 2018/10/29 05:04:49 AM    
what version of Fopnu?  1.29

what OS?  win 7 pro

how long does it take to get to 17%? eh maybe 5 mins.

does it increase to 17% and then just stop increasing?  yes, then says "partial connection only"

what is in the event log?   >   *** 10/28/2018 ***
[10:33:06 AM]  Welcome to Fopnu v1.29
[10:33:06 AM]  Loading saved configuration files...
[10:33:06 AM]  Loading configuration file: C:\Users\grizz\AppData\Roaming\fopnu\settings.dat
[10:33:06 AM]  Loading configuration file: C:\Users\grizz\AppData\Roaming\fopnu\colors.dat
[10:33:06 AM]  Loading configuration file: C:\Users\grizz\AppData\Roaming\fopnu\widget_settings.dat
[10:33:06 AM]  Loading configuration file: C:\Users\grizz\AppData\Roaming\fopnu\library.dat
[10:33:11 AM]  Loading configuration file: C:\Users\grizz\AppData\Roaming\fopnu\network.dat
[10:33:11 AM]  Loading configuration file: C:\Users\grizz\AppData\Roaming\fopnu\contacts.dat
[10:33:11 AM]  Loading configuration file: C:\Users\grizz\AppData\Roaming\fopnu\ignored.dat
[10:33:11 AM]  Loading configuration file: C:\Users\grizz\AppData\Roaming\fopnu\chat.dat
[10:33:11 AM]  Loading configuration file: C:\Users\grizz\AppData\Roaming\fopnu\downloads.dat
[10:33:11 AM]  Configuration file loading complete
[10:33:11 AM]  Loading user interface...
[10:33:13 AM]  Initialization complete
[10:33:14 AM]  Network starting
[10:33:14 AM]  Listening on udp:
[10:33:17 AM]  New location set:
[10:33:24 AM]  NAT-PMP mapping UDP port 12345 on gateway > socket error waiting for reply: Connection reset (10054)
[10:33:24 AM]  UPNP mapped UDP port 12345 on gateway
[10:33:25 AM]  New location set:
[10:56:00 AM]  Checking for an updated version...
[10:56:02 AM]  This version of Fopnu is up to date
by Guest on 2018/10/31 04:26:26 AM    
your router is borked... turn off upnp and forward the port manually...
by Guest on 2018/11/01 10:31:52 AM    
ok, turned of the UpNp, and rebooted, only brought it up to 20% now
by Guest on 2018/11/02 06:37:34 AM    
did you also disable upnp in the router and forward the port you are using to your internal ip as well? if you dont know how to forward ports on your router go to portforward dot com
by Guest on 2019/02/25 12:22:03 AM    
so, are you getting full connectivity?

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