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file extension sensitivity ?

by jyhelle on 2018/11/02 04:40:23 PM    
in my library I created several folders to sort files into

some remain desperately empty as seen on the library window, although they contain several files

after some fumbling around it appears that folders containing .mp3 files are seen correctly, while those containing .pdf files are declared empty

as a counterproof, if I give a pdf file an mp3 extension it then appears in the library

(fopnu v1.29, Xubuntu 18.10)

by jyhelle on 2018/11/03 11:21:50 AM    
precision : while browsing other user's libraries I see as normal the folders populated with pdf files
by Guest on 2018/11/04 01:28:57 AM    
are you sure you have turned on 'other' or "text" for the folder you have in the library with the pdfs?

right click the folder in the library and look in the file type option.
by jyhelle on 2018/11/04 12:34:34 PM    
you're right, that was it !

I tried that initially but didn't find the "file type" option since I tried it on the folders where I had the problem, trying again after your comment I realized this option only appears for the top-level folders

thanks (can't edit title to ? )


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