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by Guest on 2018/12/09 09:14:07 AM
Hello,anybody know how to connect with other users?Also exists channels for share music,movies files etc?
Thank you :)

by BugMagnet on 2019/01/10 09:16:31 AM
been over a month so i hope you figured it out...
but for the record, there are "channels" for chat and sharing.
On the top menubar: Network Library CHAT <<<<<
You can find active public channels by clicking CHAT, then ADD then Gather

Connecting to other users is ambiguous.
When you start fopnu, if you have your firewall, ports and router configured properly, you will automatically connect rto other peers as part of the p2p mesh network. To connect for chat, join channels and chat and/or send private messages. To connect for sharing, add files to share to your library so othersa can see them and choose any to download. You can Search for files from button on main menubar and you can also browse users in the channels to see what they are offering to share.