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Feature request: forum

by flipmok on 2019/01/18 11:06:05 PM    
Not sure if possible with this but maybe it would be nice if there is a "discussion" forum in fopnu... with the option to post anonymously. What do you all think?
by Guest on 2019/01/19 05:46:26 AM    
Is this purpose not served by the chat facility ?

I say this simply because thats where all the chatting and discussion goes on and in a less formal setting than a forum, granted it might be not so anonymous in terms of someone knowing your IP but thats never stopped any trolls before to my knowledge..lol

If I have misunderstood you then my apologies but what you seem to be suggesting is counter intuitive for a decentralised network with the chat facility already in place.
by flipmok on 2019/01/19 10:06:08 PM    
hi there
i believe the difference is that in a chat the posts/comments are temporary, and in a forum it is not. Only oneself makes chatting less formal than forums. And to me it seems that everyones always not chatting. Meaning noone is using chat to chat.
So i think it still would be nice with a forum...
by BugMagnet on 2019/03/13 05:14:51 AM    
Yes, a foruum has many benefits. Youi can ask a question or for information, be offline for a week and when you return, the answers might be waiting. Chat channels can't do that.

and remember, fopnu is a baby. And as I understand it, many features, such as the forums currently in Tixati, will be folded in to fopnu, perhaps in the very near future, now that the heavy lifting on Super Simple Server is done.

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