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Feature request: Timed bandwidth limitation

by Silentfactor on 2019/02/01 02:22:06 AM    
I use Fopnu outside of business hours the PC and network of my business.
Good use of resources, I would think.

It is crucial that once business opens the coworkers' Internet traffic doesn't get affected by the network traffic generated on my remote PC at work. Hence, it is most important to be able to throttle traffic at certain times of the day. Just as it would be nice to provide full bandwidth to Fopnu when the office is closed.

If there were, for as long as Fopnu hasn't implemented this feature, another way to get a "timed bandwidth feature" up and running on a Win10 PC I'd like to hear about it.

Have a nice day/night.
by Guest on 2019/02/02 03:45:12 PM    
I think this is a great feature to add given that it can be implemented quite easily and assigned an additional entry in Settings/Options.

The application can add a function to the main program loop that checks the current time against one (or more) in the users preference setting (or settings).

Whilst on the surface it may seem a frivolous request of the developers time in reality it adds a lot more power to the network in terms of both file availability and network capacity, a timer or timers sounds a great idea.

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