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[Bug Report] Channel Peers list 1/2 size

by BugMagnet on 2019/02/28 06:51:15 AM    
For Users, Mods and Bans the full length of the pane is used.

But when I select the Peers list, the pane is cut in half with the IPs showing in the top section (with vertical scroll) and the bottom section is blank, unused.
by BugMagnet on 2019/02/28 05:59:06 PM    
on to something here I think...
my initial report was made observing a single channel and I was having major problems with that channel. My client kept thrashing connections:

10:15:55 AM Disconnected, seeking new connections...
10:15:58 AM Connection established
10:16:13 AM Disconnected, seeking new connections...
10:16:18 AM Connection established
10:16:31 AM Disconnected, seeking new connections...
10:16:36 AM Connection established
10:16:49 AM Disconnected, seeking new connections...
10:16:55 AM Connection established
10:17:09 AM Disconnected, seeking new connections...
10:17:15 AM Connection established
10:17:27 AM Disconnected, seeking new connections...
10:17:34 AM Connection established
10:17:49 AM Disconnected, seeking new connections...
10:17:52 AM Connection established

I noticed in the peers list the IPs of all connections were changing, a few green, others yellow. I am assuming when I lost the last green I would disconnect.

Then I restarted another channel and noticed that the bottom pane for that channel was populated with IPs, all green and there was no connection thrashing in the upper section. Most IPs would stay green and occasionally there would be a yellow one. I am noting another user there also cycling connections.

So...What is the bottom list of IPs? I see it duplicates the top list mostly. And more importantly, why in one channel do no IPs ever show in the lower section? That is the channel I can't maintain a connection. And I have owner credentials for it.
by BugMagnet on 2019/03/13 04:59:20 AM    
I have it on good authority that on the Peer view in a channel, the top section are outgoing traffic and the bottom section incoming.

And as to the connectivity issue, it apparently was related to a faulty cable modem. On restart, it would lose the list of reserved static IP so it could not give the proper IP which matched the port forwarding rules that were in place.

That is all.

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