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[SUGGESTION]: File metadata for select file types.

by Guest on 2019/03/10 10:08:37 PM    
When selecting a file it is sometimes useful to know some of it's quality indicators. For example, if it is an MP3 file it can be handy to know it's duration, bitrate, whether it is VBR or CBR, it's sample rate, whether it's stereo or mono, amongst other things. Likewise for a video it can be useful to know it's duration, video and audio bitrates and codecs, amongst other things.

The hashing process would be a prime opportunity for the library system to identify and store this metadata. In search or browse results the user would then ba able to use their own judgement to decided whether the file quality meets their own standards.

The next obvious progression is then allowing the search filtration system from being able to narrow it's results based on user-defined file quality criteria.

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