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[SUGGESTION]: Toggle full path in search results

by Guest on 2019/03/10 10:46:32 PM    
Sometimes knowing the folder path a file resides in helps to give the file itself context, context that isn't available when just the filename itself is displayed.

Therefore my suggestion is a user preference that would allow the user to choose to see the full file path in the search results grid.

I understand this path is already visible via a tooltip by hovering over a result with the mouse cursor, however the ability to visually skim a list can be far more beneficial.

As as aside, is the folder path taken into account when conducting a search? For instance, if a search for "bob", will files in the path "/alice/bob/clare.txt" be returned in the search results?
by Guest on 2019/03/12 07:22:36 AM    
One of the concerns with displaying a full path is often that the currently logged in usernme appears in the path and in some cases a user has entered their real name in this field when they installed the Operating System, for this reason it should not be possible to see such data even though I understand some will find it annoying, better safe than sorry.

A third way is for Fopnu to activly "swap" this data field with perhaps the users Fopnu username  when sharing filepaths, this of course adds to the complication when it comes to handling file transfer requests but I feel it would be worth it for the security enhancement.
by Guest on 2019/03/12 11:05:19 PM    
Perhaps "full file path" was the wrong term for me to use. Maybe "library path" would be a better term.

So, while the "full file path" might be "/home/alice/share_root/docs/latest/readme.txt" and the user is sharing the "/share_root" folder in their library, fopnu would advertise the "library path" of this file as "/share_root/docs/latest/readme.txt".

Does that still have the same security concerns in your opinion?
by Guest on 2019/03/16 12:37:25 PM    
I dont see any issue with your suggestion Guest, as long as no username related to an individuals machine is displayed theres nothing for anyone to complain about.

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