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Is there a per-user search matches limit?

by Guest on 2019/03/10 10:55:34 PM    
After searching, with all types enabled, using a term I knew a fellow user would have hits for, I was returned with _some_ matching hits but not all of them for that user (confirmed after browsing the user's file list). It wasn't until I reduced the search types to just one that I then received the match I was originally looking for.

Is there a per-user limit on the number of matching hits returned to an individual search? If I was to guess, looking at a number of result lists, it appears the maximum number of hits per user is limited to about 40-ish - but there's no science behind that estimate.
by louis on 2019/04/14 01:02:25 PM    
Yes, I've also noticed that the search hits limit is indeed 40 per user, probably to keep network overhead down.

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