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[SUGGESTION]: Add Contact via Key

by Guest on 2019/03/15 12:11:38 AM    
Generally, anywhere where you see a username you can right-click on the user and add them to your contact list: search results, chat rooms, browsing, etc.

Additionally it would be useful have the option to add a user directly to the contact list after being provisioned with their key via another channel (email, text, IM, etc.)

This technique removes the need to a) know at least 1 file the user is sharing, or b) both be concurrently present in the same chat room in order to add that user to your contact list.
by Guest on 2019/03/17 07:50:47 PM    
Would this assist anyone seeking to create and index (via browsing) users files en masse in any way ?
by louis on 2019/04/14 12:56:38 PM    
Fopnu already supports user links.

To get your own user link, find yourself in a chat room and right-click and Copy Link.  

OR find yourself in a search, right-click and Browse yourself, then the button at the top with your user name in it can be right-clicked, where you can Copy Link.

OR add yourself to your own contact list.  Then you can right-click yourself at any time and select Copy Link.

TO OPEN A USER LINK: right-click one of the main view buttons (eg. Network) and then select Open Links.  A user link can be pasted right in there.  OR if the link is in an email or web-page, you can simply click it and it should open in Fopnu.  For example, fopnu:user:m5ny4nryqqbfaewh4bidqxvtw3kk3rsyi2ag6arae6ohospk4rqq/papa%20smurf%20is%20real

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