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v1.31   User name sort issue - quirk

by BugMagnet on 2019/03/22 05:30:37 AM    
I was looking at channel Testing and noticed that the User list wasn't alphabetically sorted. It always used to be... wasn't it?

I closed fopnu and rolled back to v1.29.  All user nicks were alphabetically sorted. Closed and updated back to v1.31.

When I reconnected, to the channel again with v1.31, this time all the nicks were alphabetically sorted once again, as I was used to.

There is no option that I know of for sort preference. I suggested it for tixati long ago. It would be neat to be able to sort users by nick, # of files Shared, size of library shared etc..

But back to this, I have no idea why the nick column sort broke. before rolling back and forward again, I switched to various views, Peers/IP, Mods and back to Users. In Peers view, the IPs were sorted in numerical order. When I switched back to Users view, I scanned the IPs of the nicks to see if maybe it was sorting by IP instead of nick. It wasn't

I have no idea what caused User view alphabetic sort to break. And after v1.31 --> v1.29 --> v1.31, it is back to normal.

Has anyone else observed this? Please keep an eye out for it to see if it repeats occasionally.
by Guest on 2019/03/22 08:08:59 AM    
what os?

i saw a user in a chatroom also say something about seeing this. the user said something about having been on the peers tab for a while and then when they switched back to the users tab it was sorted wrong.

take a pic next time it happens to show how it is being sorted.

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