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[Fantasy Feature Request] User share info when channel joined.

by BugMagnet on 2019/04/19 01:41:36 AM    
When user joins a channel, allow the # of files and total size info to be sent.
Then when a nick mouseover, display that data

user ID key
12345 files, 5.3 TiB

Just the count, not all the data results of a browse obviously
Also, perhaps an enhancement, an additional colorized dot? icon on the nick list to to indicate total size shared in  that channel

black dot= 0
purple = 1 GB+
red = 10 GB+
orange = 100 GB+
yellow = 1 TB+
green = 10 TB+
blue = 100 TB+
White = 250 TB+ (maybe this one size could be user defined - Largest I have seen is under 60 TB so far, so  250 TB would be reachable. A personal share library of 1 PB would seem at least 2 or 3 years off. :)

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