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Hello! Is anybody there?

by drteeth on 2019/04/21 02:11:58 PM    
I have just left fopnu running for about 18 hours (118GB) without a sign of any other activity.

Is there a way for me to tell if I am on my own or if there are other users, preferably the number of them, online too?

Happy Easter

by Guest on 2019/04/21 09:50:45 PM    
are you in any chatrooms?

maybe you don't have files that others want.
by Guest on 2019/04/28 03:38:58 PM    
I am in chatrooms AFAICS, but they seem to be empty. I will try again to see if I am doing something wrong vis-a-vis the chatrooms.
by drteeth on 2019/04/28 03:40:42 PM    
I am in the chatrooms AFAICS. I will check again to see if I am doing anthing wrong. Any pointers would be gratefully appreciated. When sharing >180 GB, I find it hard to believe that nobody wants any of it.
by BugMagnet on 2019/04/28 10:09:21 PM    
if you are using this nick on fopnu, i don't see you in any channels I am parked in.

Fopnu is rather new in the scheme of things and as of yet hasn't achieved a mass following. So demand for files might be rather spasmodic, depending on what you are sharing. There are several users with shared libraries exceeding 20 TB. They might be getting some action I would assume.
by SimoSaraMia on 2019/04/29 07:20:17 PM    
Unfortunately the desire to use fopnu passes through this. I never even seen uploads. Since 2017. I have a chat "eagle server" but I don't know how long I can. Until no one is involved in the use of the program and no effort on the part of those who develop in making it grow (a bit of advertising on sharing sites, in order to arouse interest, or add winmx networks for example and make it truly a evolution of it ...), in order to involve other users. Nada de Nada ... I, who believed in it from the beginning, am sorry to say it but it is destined for a sad fate.
by Guest on 2019/05/07 01:24:51 PM    
Fopnu is the best serverless P2P software. So I find it hard to believe people would not eventually find it.

But those of us who already know about the software must keep sharing and spreading the knowledge.

Things have totally changed and most people are so lazy when it comes to software, that I expected this to
take several years to really catch up. I myself am going to share my 20tb 24/7 forever. And share the knowledge
of Fopnu where ever I can.

People who see the value of serverless P2P need to keep using, sharing, spreading the knowledge. Why would you
stop? You can have other softwares running also. But at the moment I don't see any other P2P projects that have
any change, or that I would even like to get popular, other than Fopnu.

I would like Fopnu to get popular ASAP, but I will cast my vote by supporting it no matter what.
by BugMagnet on 2019/05/08 08:17:16 PM    
about 10 days ago, we iniated a new channel, the Liberated library, and already we have steady members joined and sharing their HUGE libraries. We have over 150 TB being shared in just this channel alone and just beginning.

Can we amass a 1 petabyte p2p library by 2020?

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