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Who is Fopnu for?

by Guest on 2019/05/11 04:34:27 PM    
I like Tixati and I just read about Fopnu. It's not very clear to me what it does and who might have an advantage in using it.

I've been downloading and seeding torrents for the best part of my life, and it's a wonderful invention, but when I wanted to share some personal video files with friends I could not. I can seed, but I can't seed torrents that I create myself. Tried multiple torrent clients before reading about port forwarding, but it didn't work as well. Unfortunately, after hours of searching, someone on Reddit suggested I might have a double NAT, one imposed by my ISP and the modem's NAT.

They will never accept to give me a static IP; I asked them countless times during the last years to have access to my modem's settings. I couldn't even change my wifi password, I had to call and tell them what password I wanted. They'll never accept to give me a static IP (remove the NAT).

If Fopnu is similar to eMule, will it be able to help me upload files directly to a friend's PC ? Can it create a private, direct connection with them? I can upload through http on Google Drive, Youtube and other websites; but torrent clients need port forwarding. Is Fopnu the same or not?
by BugMagnet on 2019/05/13 02:30:50 AM    
fopnu is for freedom.

fopnu is quite similar in function to winMX if your familiar with that, but more advanced.

If you can seed torrents, you should be able to seed your own. But the other person has to find you. I think the options for that are to publish the torrent on a tracker site or enable DHT. But Neither of those are very private. That's where fopnu rises.

File sharing over fopnu can be very, very private. You can share a file and only allow 1 person to know about it and download it if you wish, which sounds like you do.

Static IP is not required. That is not your problem.

Install fopnu, assign a port, enable uPNP via Settings/Network or make the manual entries in your router modem.

Once installed, try to join the user support channel, but be prepared to wait. It may take several hours to get any response. Or maybe minutes, if someone happens to be monitoring things, which is a rarity.
by Guest on 2019/06/24 07:45:21 PM    
Well, I can't seed my own torrents because I have a double NAT. I've posted a lot on Reddit to find a solution but everyone said I have to contact my ISP and ask them to lift their NAT. I can't even set a Monero (cryptocurrency) node because of this, I can only use it offline and it's basically useless since I can't seed the blockchain to other people. The same applies Tor, I can use other's IP, but they can't use mine.

I doubt I will be able to use Fopnu. No one is able to receive my (outgoing) connection. Adding trackers doesn't work, I've tried everything. Unless the crooked ISP I use lifts their NAT, I'll never be able to do the things I described :(
by Guest on 2019/06/26 09:38:37 PM    
You can bypass a NAT or a double nat with either a vpn or ssh tunnel, both require a server with an ip address on the internet (aka rent a vps or use a vpn service)
by Guest on 2020/08/27 04:36:18 AM    
If you can use google.com you can seed and download with fopnu. Just use a VPN

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